Best Longboard for Beginners 2020 – Our Top 5 Reviewed

best beginner longboardLongboarding is one of those perfect sports/hobbies that’ll give you high speed thrills, rushes of adrenaline and a great opportunity for activity and exercise. However, longboarding can be tricky for beginners and people who have never skated before. Usually it takes a bit of time to develop the right skills, but just as importantly to kick off your longboarding adventure, the type of investment you decide to make into a longboard is crucial for a decent and smooth start as you learn to fine tune your skills.

Some tips for when you’re looking at buying a board include: understanding how longboards work and understanding what they’re made of. You’ll have to decide what type of skating you’re going to be doing on your longboard, we recommend you look at buying a cruiser board as your first – just to give you time to learn the ropes and get a handle on everything before you start tearing up massive slopes.

The shape of longboard you buy often comes down to personal preference on look and functionality. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve gone ahead and chosen some of the best beginner longboards guaranteed to provide you a great ride, at a great price, with decent stability – perfect for any beginner or newcomer to longboarding! And if you’re a newbie, we can teach you how to longboard.


quest beginner longboardPrice ranging from: $53-$135

  • 7-ply super flex bamboo and hardwood maple deck
  • Aluminum trucks and high-performance configuration
  • 70mm 80a polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Deck length: 44”

One of the best options for all beginners. The Quest super cruiser is affordable, stylish, well made and has genuine quality components. With a bamboo deck of super flex artisan bamboo that looks stylish and provides a sturdy board, the super cruiser is a top pick for all beginners. However, this board in only made for cruising around town and will most likely struggle to perform on downhill slopes for high speed skating or sliding.


atom beginner longboardPrice ranging from: $90-$168

  • Full maple laminate deck
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • 70mm 78a polyurethane wheels
  • High quality grip tape
  • Deck length: 42”

The Atom Drop Through has a very durable, stable and comfortable deck that is guaranteed to give a smooth ride to all new skaters. With a great steadiness, this board is perfect for quiet cursing and practicing for beginners. However, it can also handle a bit of downhill skating due to its sturdy and stable design. With high quality ABEC bearings, it is also going to provide a bit more speed. A perfect board for beginner skaters who are keen on getting some speed while riding. While very high quality, it does retail for a slightly higher price when compared to the Quest super cruiser.


cheap beginner longboardPrice ranging from: $45- $60

  • Very affordable
  • 70mm 78a polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Deck length: 40”
  • Classic pintail deck design

One of the best choices for beginner riders who are scared of damaging an expensive board. The unique pintail design of the board will prevent any wheel bite from occurring which means less falling for the rider on sharp corners and turns. The large 180mm trucks give the board a turdy feel and ride perfect for anyone who’s trying to work on they’re balance.

The great ABEC bearings always allow for a smooth and comfortable ride. While there are more quality complete board set ups to be used, none can match the price and value for money you get from the Yocaher punked stained pintail.

If you like this style, be sure to check out our best pintail longboards article featuring the 5 best.



krown best longboard for beginnersPrice ranging from: $65-80

  • Canadian maple construction
  • 71mm 78a polyurethane wheels
  • Deck length: 36”
  • High quality king pin trucks
  • Wide base for balance

The short length of the board is liked by many riders and it’s not solely limited to freestyle or downhill skating. The Krown longboard makes for a perfect cruising board for all newcomers. A solid 8 ply maple deck, sturdy trucks and soft bushing will always provide a soft and smooth ride.

However, unlike the other skateboards mentioned before, the Krow bearings will work smoothly but don’t expect any great amount of speed, and these bearings are bound to eventually become slower. The short design also allows for tighter turns and maneuverability in small or cramped environments.


best sector 9 beginner longboardPrice ranging from $160-$175

  • Sturdy base design
  • Deck length: 36”
  • Sector 9 ABEC 5 bearings
  • 69mm 80a “9-Balls” wheels
  • Made of high quality components

The beginner board that can do it all and is great for cruising, especially. Perfect for beginners to find their feet, the sector 9 aperture drop through can also adapt to perform on slopes for free riding and even a bit of sliding if needed. With great stability and smoothness this board is perfect for bombing down hills. The high-quality sidewinder trucks also provide a great amount of control in tight and intense turns.

The unique design also helps to prevent wheel bite. While more expensive than most of the other boards mentioned, this sector 9 longboard is a standout – perfect for welcoming any new long boarders. It’s a little pricey for a beginner board, but we have selected Sector 9 as one of our top 10 longboard brands, so you can’t go wrong with this one if you’re just starting out.


Part of buying your first board should also include buying your first helmet and various protective-wear. Helmets are critical for every rider, especially beginners. We have written articles declaring the best longboarding helmets, as well as the best shoes for longboarding, both of which are excellent resources for beginners.

Longboarding is a great hobby or sport to get into and you’ll always be guaranteed to have a great time. With the right type of board and set up, you’re already halfway there! All it takes now is to get out there and have some fun. Make sure to always look after your board and to use your board for the type of skating it was designed for. Hopefully this has given you some direction in what to look for and buy, enjoy!

By: Stephan M.