Best Longboard Brands for 2022 – Top 10 Reviewed

Every board sport has an overly saturated market when it comes to brand options. Longboards are no different; very cluttered and sometimes confusing when it comes to determining the overall best brand.

Board preference varies by longboarder, and you should never take just one other rider’s opinion.

Best longboard brands

[1] LandyachtzVancouver, Canada$$$Check Prices
[2] RayneVancouver, Canada$$$Check Prices
[3] LoadedCulver City, CA$$$Check Prices
[4] EarthwingNew York City, NY$$Check Prices
[5] CometLansing, NY$$Check Prices
[6] Arbor CollectiveVenice, CA$$Check Prices
[7] MadridHuntington Beach, CA$$Check Prices
[8] Sector 9San Diego, CA$$$Check Prices
[9] BustinHagerstown, MD$$Check Prices
[10] OmenSeattle, WA$$Check Prices
best longboard brands

When we determined our top 10 best longboard brands list, we factored in everything. The Internet is filled with opinions about everything. We spent a lot of time filtering and contrasting all of those opinions from several online longboarding communities like Silverfish, reddit, various facebook groups, magazines, as well as opinions from other riders we know to put together our list. Below you’ll find the 10 best longboard brands for riders of any skill set:

Anyone that has recently joined the sport can probably find themselves looking for cheap longboards that are no-name brand completes at their local department store. They’re unsure longboarding is the hobby for them and are not ready to drop money to get a worthwhile set up. You won’t find any of those department store budget-brands on our list -we are only concerned with the best longboard brands, not the cheap or beginner brands (this doesn’t mean good and cheap can’t coexist!).


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landyachtz longboards

Is Landyachtz a good longboard brand? Absolutely. Landyachtz is the biggest and most widely known longboad brand on the planet, and they don’t hold that title for nothing. Landyachtz is hands down our #1 best longboard brand for many reasons. Since their beginnings in 2007, Landy has delivered nothing but quality builds and innovative decks. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company has proven their worth many times over the year, sponsoring some of the best riders out there and takes podiums at tons of events around the globe.

Their wide lineup includes boards for every modality – from cruiser pintails for the beginner, to gnarly speed boards for advanced downhill longboarders. Landyachtz has also expanded to own a longboard wheels and trucks company, Hawgs and Bear respectively.


rayne longboards

Famous for making some of the most high quality bamboo boards out there (most all of their decks are made out of bamboo and fiberglass!). Rayne has a flow of their own; their decks look crisp, feel great and have a touch of personality like no other.

The build quality in Rayne decks is absolutely outstanding, and if you’ve ever stepped on a Rayne you know this to be true. While they’re more focused on freeride and downhill, Rayne does have some double kicks, dancers and cruisers. They also throw one offs and protos every now and then for sale, if you’re into rare boards Rayne has something for you too.


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loaded longboard brand

Another huge longboard brand, since its beginnings Loaded longboards has worked closely with riders to provide some of the best products in the market for freestyle and dancing. Loaded is more focused in trick boards, so if you’re looking for that Loaded has a wide lineup to offer.

From the legendary bhangra for dancing to a dervish for cruising around, there’s a board for everyone. Loaded works closely with Paris and Oragatang, their completes will come with them. Loaded shows up twice on our best longboards for dancing list – so check them out!


earthwing longboards

Earthwing is the biggest small brand in the scene. They make some of the best products in the market for a price that is a steal compared to bigger brands. From their starts in the 90s, Earthwing has been all about getting quality to regular longboarders for a reasonable price, their slogan “You deserve more” really sums it up.

You really can’t go wrong with Earthwing, with all their current decks under $100 it’s the best option if you’re just now getting into downhill or freeride, or just feel like getting something fun and durable as an everyday ride.


comet longboards

Comet is known for one thing: their durability. Comet boards are tough like no other; these things can really take a beating. This is no surprise, Comet uses state of the art presses that they’ve engineered themselves as well as their own wood glues and coating – all designed with making longboards in mind and being environmentally friendly.

From their wood to their graphics, Comet is all about getting right all the fine details in board construction and they’ve done a pretty solid job at it (pun intended).

Arbor Collective

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arbor longboards

Arbor started out by making snowboards in 1995, skateboards in 1998, and not to long after that: longboards. Arbor makes amazing longboards, and that’s not even the best thing about them. The Arbor Collective donates a portion of all of its proceeds to groups that protect and restore rain forests.

They are big believers in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Their passion for helping the world is just icing on the cake for a company that makes some of the best longboards ever.


madrid longboards

Madrid have been around since the start of skateboarding. Jerry Madrid made the transition from surfing to skateboarding when it became fashionable. Madrid started making skateboards out of fiberglass in the 60s, he developed different laminations and shapes for them.

Madrid eventually became Madrid Pro Designs and since then it’s been nothing but smooth sailing as one of the and longboard brands on the market. Expect the best from a company that’s been around longer than you’ve been alive.

Sector 9

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sector nine longboards

Sector 9 was born from humble beginnings in 1993 in San Diego, CA. They started with simple cruisers and now make all sorts of boards, from minis to downhill slayers. Sector 9 longboards isn’t where they stopped, they also make really awesome gear like slide gloves and downhill helmets. Their team is huge! And they even have a sub-team of over 30 downhill longboarders.

Definitely check out Sector 9, we highly recommend them for longboards and gear. We have written other articles about our love for Sector 9 before. Not only do we consider Sector 9 to be one of the best longboard brands, but we chose their Aperture Sidewinder Drop through board as one of the best longboards for a beginner. In our wheel review article, almost half of the wheels we chose are made by Sector 9 – we are HUGE fans and they are definitely worth checking out.


bustin longboards

Since their starts in 2001 Bustin has been a company dedicated to the New York skating scene. Their story follows the vision of a couple of friends that needed something simply better suited for the hills and with a bit of luck and hard work it took off. Omen produces high tech boards with a crisp finish; you can find just about any type of board within their lineup and with multiple build options for some.

Their decks are done right, it’s not a surprise people like them – after 14 years of experience making boards their products are exactly what you’d expect. Bustin has also recently started selling their own wheels (they’re actually pretty good), you can expect those if you buy a complete from them.


omen longboards

One of the newer companies, Omen rose from a side project of Motion Boardshop with carbon fiber decks. The success of the initial carbon decks inspired Omen to start making wooden boards for riders that couldn’t afford a $400 deck. In 2014 Omen moved from a small space in the back of Motion Boardshop to a 9000 ft facility dedicated to manufacturing their boards.

Omen produces high quality boards that simply look great while keeping the price mid range; for quality that doesn’t break the bank Omen is a very viable option. We’ve seen nothing but great stuff come from them since they started in 2009 and that’s not expected to end any time soon.

What’s the best longboard brand for beginners?

We like Sector 9 for riders who are just starting out. You get what you pay for, and beginners don’t usually like to spend a lot of money on a hobby they aren’t sure if they’ll stick with. Sector 9 is the only brand on our best longboard brands list that also shows up on our best longboard for beginners article.

That post has some less-known brands that are cheaper and don’t make our list here. However Sector 9 makes the Aperture Sidewinder Drop-through board which is perfect for beginners willing to spend around $200 for a complete board.

What about Electric Longboard Brands

Are electric longboards cheating? Who’s to say! Not us, but we find it interesting that the best longboard brands haven’t really entered the electronic market. For now that market is being dominated by new brands that are working on the best electric longboards while the folks on this article’s list stay put with the standard boards. Boosted and Atom are very dependable brands that are making awesome boards.


There are a lot of brands out there that can make the buying process extremely confusing. Every single brand is competing for your business and it can seem almost impossible to know who to give your money to.

Using our guide and choosing one of the best longboard brands will help ensure you don’t wind up with a dud. We hope that our list helps you in your buying process, either way – let us know! We’re interested in feedback from longboarders like you.

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