3 Best Complete Skateboards [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

Purchasing a complete skateboard is the easiest, and oftentimes the cheapest, way to introduce new enthusiasts to the exciting world of skateboarding. “Complete” skateboards typically include all the necessary components required for a fully functional setup, which are the trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape, hardware, and the deck itself.

For those that are brand new to the skateboarding scene and may be a bit confused about all the different parts of a skateboard, a complete is the best way to go.

Decks, trucks, and wheels are all available in different sizes making it a bit tiresome at times to figure out the best sizes for each one. A complete skateboard will always have the appropriate sized trucks and wheels to match the skateboard’s deck size that you choose. As deck sizes get bigger, so do the trucks. Completes take away all the stress of having to pick out each part of the skateboard while still ensuring high-quality gear.

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Because the skateboard trucks, bearings, wheels, hardware, and griptape are usually generic without sporting any major brands, this helps to keep costs low. Whether you are new to skateboarding or just prefer to keep it simple, a complete skateboard is a great option when it comes to picking out a new ride. While there are seemingly endless options for complete skateboards all over the internet, we have compiled our list of recommended skateboards to consider when the time is right.

Best Complete Skateboards

[1] CCS Black Complete Skateboard w/ Tool

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Skateboarders all over the world have relied on CCS to provide them with reliable, high-quality skateboarding gear for over 25 years. Although the company itself has gone through many phases over 25 years, including multiple ownership changes, CCS has never faulted from their mission. A “blank” skateboard is a completely graphicless deck typically in one solid color. CCS likes to add their signature logo around the back truck mount area, setting themselves apart from other blank decks out there.

While blank decks, unfortunately, have a bad reputation in terms of durability, CCS puts skaters’ minds at ease by only using extremely tough Canadian maple for their 7-ply decks. CCS also includes a skate tool in every package for riders to make adjustments on their trucks or wheels, a must-have for any backpack. To keep things even simpler, all CCS complete skateboards come fully assembled right out of the box so you get to shredding the second you see the postman/postwoman walking up to your doorstep.

  • Multiple color & size options
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • 7-ply Maple construction
  • Wheel size: 52mm
  • Wheel hardness: 100A

[2] Cal 7 Standard Complete Skateboard

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly option when picking out a skateboard for a child or even yourself, this Standard Complete Skateboard from Cal 7 may be the perfect choice for you! Unlike blank decks, these decks from Cal 7 have a wide range of graphic options to appeal to skaters of all ages and genders. If you want to keep it simple, Cal 7 also offers a few black deck options as well. This complete skateboard, as with all complete skateboards, includes everything you need to start your path into the skating scene.

All complete skateboard setups from Cal 7 come with a 1-year warranty to protect the buyer from defects that originated from the manufacturer such as flat spots on the wheels, improper griptape application, and missing pieces. High-strength metal trucks are perfect for grinding rails or ledges with an extended kingpin for locking into more technical tricks such as Smith or Feeble grinds. 52mm wheels fitted with ABEC-5 bearings provide a smooth and comfortable cruise through all types of terrain.

  • Fully assembled complete
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Huge range of graphic options
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Wheel size: 52mm
  • Wheel hardness: 99A
  • 1-year warranty

[3] Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

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When considering which skateboard to buy for your next ride, Powell should be at the top of your list. Powell has been a staple in the skateboard community since the 1980s by providing skaters with next-level advancements for their gear, and by supporting some of the biggest names in skateboarding such as Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and even Tony Hawk. Each part of this complete skateboard has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability and durability during hard use.

Speaking of Steve Caballero, he has personally endorsed the Golden Dragon line of skateboards from Powell Peralta. The Golden Dragon line of skateboards was introduced to the Powell lineup in hopes of giving kids and new skate enthusiasts an affordable option when it comes to purchasing a skateboard. Hence, the fully complete skateboard for a surprisingly fair price. Because of the size of these boards, 7.65” in width, the Golden Dragon is a perfect option for youths and smaller adults. This fully assembled complete sports black Golden Dragon trucks, black 54mm Golden Dragon logo wheels, and matching black bearings; a refreshing change of pace when compared to other complete skateboards.

  • Personally endorsed by Steve Caballero
  • Tested for durability
  • Golden Dragon deck, wheels, & trucks
  • Deck size: 7.62” x 31.625”
  • Wheel size: 54mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 99A
  • Affordable fully-assembled skateboard
  • World renown skateboard supplier

Bonus Complete Skateboards

Enjoi Complete Skateboard

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Sticking to the theme of the most iconic and best skateboard brands in the skater community, Enjoi has always been a force to reckoned with. From their evergreen graphics displaying fun cartoons and the iconic panda logo, to growing one of the largest and most technical pro teams; Enjoi has been a household name since the early 2000s’. This complete skateboard sports the very same panda logo in a range of color options and deck sizes. Enjoi likes to set itself apart from other skateboard brands by offering their completes with higher quality gear than most.  Smaller-sized decks are available, perfect for a child’s first skateboard.

Carbon steel bearings fitted inside high-strength polyurethane wheels, also sporting the Enjoi logo, make for an easy cruise down to the skatepark or the corner store for a bottle of water. While other brands use generic trucks, Enjoi relies on the craftsmanship of Tensor trucks for all their complete skateboards while adding a bit of their own touch to the design. As far as durability goes, Enjoi is well known for producing top-tier skateboards that last a very long time with the perfect amount of flex needed to perform various tricks and maneuvers.

  • Enjoi deck, wheels, and Tensor trucks
  • North American Hardrock Maple construction
  • Carob steel speed bearings
  • Fully assembled complete
  • Wheel size: 52mm
  • An industry favorite among novice and experienced skaters alike

Element Skateboards Sectional Complete Skateboard

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If you love nature or nature-themed skateboards, Element is a great company to support. Many skaters choose Element Skateboards for their skate needs for a variety of reasons. First of all, Element is and will always be a core skateboarding company. They have given a home to numerous iconic professionals and amateurs throughout their years of operation, rising to the top of the industry in terms of talent and quality. While Element is known for their skateboards designed for adults, they also have a specially designed line of skateboards for kids and young adults.

This fully assembled complete skateboard sports the classic Element logo along with their infamous ode to the Earth’s elements fire, water, wind, and earth. White Element wheels situated on Element trucks are the perfect combination for shredding halfpipes, jumping down gaps, or practicing flat ground tricks in your driveway or local parking lot.

  • Classic Element design
  • Element logo wheels, trucks, and deck
  • Deck size: 8”
  • Wheel size: 25mm
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Fully assembled right out of the box
  • Maple construction


Why choose a complete skateboard?

As mentioned before, a complete skateboard is very convenient for new riders or those who do not wish for a fully customized board setup. Complete skateboards typically have basic components to keep the overall price cheap while still being reliable. Picking out each part of the skateboard may be more fun for most, although it will always be more expensive than purchasing an already assembled complete skateboard. Once you become more comfortable on your skateboard or it starts to wear down, many skaters choose to purchase additional gear one piece at a time on an as-needed basis.

Complete skateboards are a perfect gift for kids or someone who does not know a lot about all the different parts of a skateboard. For parents, “trucks”, “griptape”, “hardware, etc. can all seem like a foreign language. Purchasing a complete skateboard will ensure your child has exactly the right components for a fully functional skateboard without having to make multiple trips down to the skateshop to replace the wrong sizes.

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Are complete skateboards worse than standard decks?

Absolutely not! Many complete skateboards are exactly the same quality as a standalone deck. Some of the biggest brands in the skateboarding community build their completes specifically for the novice skater to remove all of the headaches involved with starting a new hobby. It is important to note, however, that some of the assembled parts (such as the skateboard bearings, griptape, and bushings) may not be of the highest quality. Brands tend to use basic materials for complete skateboards, although the deck itself will always be top tier.

As you progress with skateboarding as a whole, you may find that you prefer different-sized wheels or larger trucks than the ones that came on your complete. Some people report having problems with some of the more simple components, although these can be easily swapped out with higher quality gear at any point in time. This is where customization comes in!

What’s the difference between a “complete” skateboard and a fully customized one?

The difference between a complete skateboard and a fully customized one is quite simple, really.  A complete skateboard typically comes assembled straight out of the box to eliminate the need of having the correct tools to put it all together. The manufacturer picks and chooses all of the elements involved in building a skateboard, so the buyer will have to deal with the options they chose. When buying a complete skateboard, the buyer can basically choose the graphic they like and the manufacturer will take care of the rest.

A fully customized skateboard will require a bit more knowledge about what goes into putting a skateboard together. Some online retailers will allow the customer to pick their own parts to be installed on the skateboard while others only offer their specific complete boards. If you are already knowledgeable about what you do and don’t like when it comes to skateboard parts, try your hand at customization! Many stores will offer a discount when purchasing a brand new complete in hopes that you buy each component directly from them.

How do I choose the right complete skateboard for me?

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a complete skateboard is the size of the deck. The deck size, in turn, will determine the rest of the parts’ sizes. For children or adults with smaller feet, a 7.50”, 7.75”, or 8.00” wide deck will be the perfect size to start out on. As you grow larger, the skateboard will also typically move up in size. Sure, you may like the graphic of one skateboard more than you like the graphic of another, but at the end of the day, you should always pick the one that is the right size for you.

Complete skateboards are typically not offered in a wide range of sizes so if one company does not have the right sized deck for you, try looking for another! If you already know which brands you like to support or deck styles that best suit you, customizing your own complete may be the better option. It is also important to keep in mind what you are looking to accomplish with a skateboard in terms of tricks or terrain.

Slimmer skateboards with a shorter wheelbase, the amount of space between the front truck and the back truck, are perfect for most technical skating such as flip tricks, flat bar grinds, or other types of obstacles. Wider skateboards with a longer wheelbase are designed for added stability when riding ramps, bowls, or high-speed cruising. If you are not interested in performing tricks or maneuvers on your skateboard and are intending to use it solely as a form of transportation, a cruiser board or longboard may better suit your needs.

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