13 Best Longboarding Trucks – Reviewed

Shopping around for the best longboarding trucks can seem overwhelming. We’ve narrowed our list down to the 13 best available. As we’ve stated in our longboarding trucks guide, the main takeaway when shopping is to stay away from cheap Chinese trucks, there are a lot of knock-offs out there from shady online retailers. Stick to the well-known skate retailers or major online retailers.

Paris V2Paris V2
Paris V2s could take the cake for best longboarding trucks that we have tested. For full pros and cons, don’t forget to check out our full review of the Paris V2 longboarding trucks. Paris is known for their very divey turn. It’s very common to see them on setups meant for dancing or freestyle. Paris have rake, that combined with a very open bushing seat gives them a very unrestricted turn. They have standard sized pivots, like Randals. Paris are not the best option for faster riding; since the roadside (link to dictionary) bushing seat has a lot of play there’s some slop in them. Choose from a 50° or 43° baseplate as well as several hanger width options.

bear grizzly longboard trucks

BEAR Grizzly 852

A reader pointed out that it was a “spectacular lack of judgement” to leave out the BEAR Grizzly 852 longboarding trucks from out list. Sonny, you were right! BEAR says that the Grizzly 852s have been revamped and redesigned to focus on strength, versatility and weight reduction which makes them a no-brainer for our top 13 list. This 5th generation design has been much improved and is absolutely worth checking out.


Randal R-II

The oldest cast RKP brand, also the most well-known one. Randals are reliable and versatile, their designed hasn’t been changed much in the last decade. Randals have some rake, standard sized pivots and take standard size bushings. Beware the kingpin hole on randals does not get along with softer bushing combinations. Choose from a 50° or 42° baseplate as well as several hanger width options.

Pros: Extremely versatile. Easily able to swap the 50° hanger to a 42° which allows for more speed. One reviewer claimed this was the “best 180mm trucks available”

Cons: None we could find.

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Caliber Trucks Cal IICaliber V2
The most widely used truck for freeride and downhill longboarding. Unraked and with a more restricted bushing seat than Randals or Paris. The turn on Calibers is gradual and extremely predictable. V2 calibers also accommodate stepped bushings better, so there’s more room to tune in your trucks.
Choose from a 50° or 44° baseplate as well as several hanger width options.

Pros: Perfect for Freeride/Downhill, also a great color selection.

Cons: Some claim the included bushings are too soft.

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Sabre 190mm R-TypeSabre
Good looking, light weight and strong. The pivot is thinner so the pivot cup is thicker. Raked but has a very restrictive bushing seat. The new models also come with urethane pivot cups.
Choose from a 190mm or 180mm hanger options. It’s fully compatible with its precision counterpart.

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Gullwing ReverseGullwing Reverse
Light weight and versatile. The hangers are very good for grinding surprisingly. Reverses are raked and the bushing seat is very shallow, the turn feels divey and unrestricted.

Newton TrucksNewton
The lowest RKP on the market, it’s even lower than independent trucks. A very light and strong truck, but hard to tune in right. Recommended for LDP.

Atlas 48 DegreeAtlas
As sturdy as they are heavy. Atlas trucks come with a massive ball pivot to allow for a divier turn. They have a rake and the bushing seat isn’t too restrictive.
Choose from a 48° or 40° baseplate as well as light weight options.

Sturdy with a quality casting, well done and well-designed trucks. Bolzen trucks have rake, a mildly restrictive bushing seat and a standard size pivot.

Gullwing Charger IIGullwing Charger II
Another very well done truck from Gullwing, strong and very able to handle speed. They do not have rake and have a restrictive bushing seat, the pivot is standard size.

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Kahalani V2Kahalani V2
Incredibly well desiged trucks. The pivot is precision machined for optimal performace. To top it all off it comes stock with venom bushings. Great option if you live in Europe (not available in the US).

Cast RoninCast Ronin
Starting the trend of premium longboard trucks are cast ronins, a cast copy of their precision counterpart and fully compatible with them. The cast version does have quite a bit more rake than the precision. It takes tall bushings and lacks a bushing seat and instead has a bushing floor; the support pin gets rid of side to side slop so there is no need for it. Cast ronins have unparalleled turn and lean, incredibly divey.

Cast ArsenalCast Arsenal
Beauty in simplicity. Cast arsenals are unraked and have a standard sized pivot, they take tall bushings so they have more turn than most trucks.
Choose from a 50° or 44° baseplate as well as a 180mm and 165mm hanger width option.

Cast RogueCast Rogue
Cast rogues completely lack a bushing seat, there is an insert (link to dictionary) inside of the hanger to eliminate side to side slop. They have just a bit of rake and take tall bushings. The turn feels divey but muted and predictable. These trucks are designed with speed in mind.

Above is what we consider to be the best longboarding trucks available online currently. Let us know what you think, and if you’ve had any experience with them. Just remember that you typically get what you pay for, so avoid cheap knockoff trucks and try out one of the trucks in our list above.