5 Best Skateboard Decks [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

Skateboard decks are not created equally. Each skateboard deck has its own unique design, and is meant for a different style of skateboarding. This article will cover the top 5 skateboard decks, as well as what style of skateboarding each deck is best for (street, vert, cruising). We want to ensure you find the BEST skateboard deck for your skateboarding needs.

Too many people are focused on finding wheels, bearings, trucks, but not enough focus is spent on finding the right deck. The skateboard deck is one of the most integral parts of becoming the skateboarder you want to be. How do you know which skateboard deck is the best for you? 

One piece of advice we receive from professionals about finding the best skateboard deck is to find one that you feel you are comfortable on. Professionals relay this piece of information because every style of skateboarding is different, and you’ll never grow on a board you are uncomfortable riding. Every skateboarder has their own unique style and not everyone knows their specific style right away.

The key to finding what style skateboarder you are is through experimenting with different types of skateboards, and finding out what you enjoy. Someone such as Ryan Sheckler, who grinds handrails and tre flips off of roofs needs a specific style skateboard deck (needs more pop, less width, and more concave). You most likely won’t see him using a skateboard that is more suited for Tony Hawk, think giant half pipes, crazy fast rotations, and aerial flips (Skateboard deck with more width, less concave, and less pop).

Whether you are someone who has been skateboarding their whole life, looking to become a revolutionary superstar skateboarder, or just starting out, this post will include the top 5 skateboard decks for any level of experience. By the end of this article you should be feeling confident on the type of skateboard deck you need. We’ve come down a long way in customizing our skateboard, so keep your feet on the board and let’s ride down.

The skateboard decks mentioned are the best skateboard decks for new skateboarders all the way to professional skateboarders. Not only do we judge these skateboard decks based on skateboarding style, longevity and quality, but also on the appearance.  

These are personal recommendations mixed with research, experience, and discussion from professionals. Don’t worry, we also have provided guidance on how to select these skateboard decks, before you press the button that says buy

If you are new to skateboarding READ THIS PARAGRAPH. If you are looking for decks or are experienced, feel free to skip past this paragraph. Before you learn how to ride a skateboard, and learn the basic ollie, let’s break down what a skateboard consists of. A skateboard is made up of many sections, the most visible of which is the skateboard deck and underneath the skateboard deck, there are trucks, wheels, bearings, etc.. If you have never bought a skateboard before, you most likely are feeling a bit intimidated by all of the choices that exist.

This is why selecting the right skateboard decks necessitates a thorough understanding of the items. Seem like a lot of information to take in? Don’t sweat it, when you are out surfing the paved streets and ramps, because our expertise, experience and knowledge of skateboard information, we are sure this article will help you to meet your budget and skateboarding preferences. We have plenty of great articles to read about the other best parts of the skateboard.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Decks

Now that we’ve given you a beginner’s guide to buying a deck, it’s time for our top picks. Ranked in no particular order, listed below are the top 5 skateboard decks for you to choose from. Important Note: When selecting a skateboard to buy, it is always important to understand your level of skill, (rookie, novice, semi-pro, etc), and what your skateboarding style is (longboarder, bowl carver, street enthusiast). 

[1] Santa Cruz Skateboards Deck Floral Decay Hand Team

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Not only known for its incredible skate culture in Santa Cruz, California, but Santa Cruz Skateboards are also practically the pioneers of skateboard decks and products. Established in 1973, Happy almost 50th Santa Cruz! You can always rely on Santa Cruz to create a skateboard deck that is used across the world.

You’ll find Santa Cruz at the top of our list for the best skateboard brands, especially when it comes to decks.

When originally starting the skate company, the brand focused specifically on cruising, carving, and bowl skateboarding. Santa Cruz Skateboards has become more diverse in their deck selection. This skateboard is created with 7 ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long-lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.

An incredible skateboard for learning new tricks, or perfecting your style.This specific board listed is size 8.25, but goes all the way up to 8.5” width, which is about as wide as skateboards will go.

This skateboard deck is versatile and a great skateboard deck for any beginner, advanced, or professional skateboarder amongst the street skateboarding style. We would not recommend this skateboard deck for vert skateboarding or transition skateboarding. 

[2] Baker OG Skateboard Deck

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With a mellow concave this deck is perfect for any beginner and experienced skater. Leading into our second choice for the top 5 skateboard decks, we have the Baker Brand Logo Skateboard. Baker is one of the most well-known and most loved skateboard companies. With extremely competitive pricing for quality products, it is definitely a great board to have.

Founded by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds (A professional skateboarder who used to ride for Birdhouse-Tony Hawk’s Brand) Baker is extremely trusted and loved by skateboarders of all kinds. This skateboard deck is most notably known for its mellow concave, and classic skateboard shape. In simpler terms, the skateboard deck design is a happy medium for people who love to use skateboards as means of transportation while still using it for street, transition, or minor vert skateboarding.

Although this board is versatile, and can accommodate all styles of skateboarding, we wouldn’t recommend using this skateboard deck for intense street skateboarding (bigger than a 5 stair). This skateboard deck would be best for transition skateboarding.

This baker skateboard deck ranges in width from 8” to 8.5”, giving you a preference for your desired width. If you desire to use this board more for cruising, we’d recommend getting this board closer to the width of 8.5 and if you are using it for street skateboarding, closer to 8 would be the best for you. 

[3] Zero Standard Skateboard Decks

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Founded in 1996, Zero Skateboards comes in at number 3 of our top 5 skateboard decks. This skateboard deck from Zero is a skateboard deck that will last and is designed for any experience level. This is a pro-quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional 7-ply maple wood.

This specific skateboard deck is designed with mellow concave, and incredible pop, creating the perfect harmony for vert and or street skateboarding. This skateboard deck can be selected from anywhere narrow to wide. Great for cruising, increasing skateboarding skills, or just having fun. 

[4] Creature Skateboard Deck Logo Stumps Yellow 8.0″ x 31.50″ with Grip

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With a vintage 80’s look, creature is always turning heads. Creature comes in at number 4. Although the creature may not have the most “beautiful” logos and designs, creature always provides an amazing skateboard experience. Creature is a board that makes up for its ugly designs, through the incredible quality and skateboard durability.

Creature’s skateboard decks are designed specifically with materials to improve strength and retain pop. If you’re a street skater who is on a budget, creature might be the perfect option for you. This deck is perfect if you find yourself jumping down big sets of stairs or putting a heavy beating on your deck. We’d recommend this skateboard for anyone who is an experienced or advanced skateboarder.  

[5] DGK Blossom Skateboard Deck

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DGK or otherwise known as Dirty Ghetto Kids, is always a skateboarding company leading in the industry. With their fantastic skateboard decks and extremely entertaining videos, DGK is one of our favorites. This specific board is aesthetically pleasing, great for any type of skateboarder looking to advance their skillset, and is fairly priced.

You won’t find a board as low of a price as DGK, and still, maintain all the great qualities to keep a board in great condition with a long life span. Standard 7-ply wood construction ensures a long-lasting, solid, and attractive deck without spending too much money. 

This is an excellent deck for those looking to practice any street tricks or flatland moves. However, if all you want is to cruise on your skateboard, it’s perfect as well!

Feel free to read more on our site about skateboarding, and products we recommend by clicking on different links on our website and feel free to share this article!

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What skateboard decks do the pros use?

Most Pro Skateboarders Use Decks with a 8.5 Width. Pro Skateboarders do not use shop decks(Local Skate Company Boards) They generally use pro decks such as the names listed above. Pro Skaters generally have more width in their deck and more pop than the standard board.

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How much should a skateboard deck cost?

Skateboard decks can range in price significantly. The main difference is whether you are buying a shop skateboard deck(Local skateboard company) or if you are buying a pro board from a bigger company such as those listed above. Shop Skateboard Decks generally range from $25 USD to $40 USD usually including grip tape. Pro Skateboard Decks generally start off at around $50 USD and can range to $80 USD. 

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Where Can I Buy Skateboard Decks?

You can buy skateboard decks by clicking any of the links above for these skateboard decks. You can also go to any local skate shop as they will also carry a lot of pro decks. Many major retailers also carry skateboard decks as well.

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