3 Best Skateboard Wheels [2021 Reviews]

One of the most fun parts about skateboarding is the customization to your whip (or skateboard). Whether you are trying to gain the crowds’ excitement by having the best-looking skateboard, or searching for the best equipment for your style of skateboarding, the process can be a blast. Being lifelong skateboarders, we can honestly say having the best skateboard wheels is a critical part of the skateboarding experience. 

What we have learned here over the years through experience and research is what the pros are using for their skateboard equipment. Obviously the pros are doing something right! One of the most fascinating finds for us was understanding what type of wheels pro skateboarders use.

Here’s what we observed, every pro skater has their own personal style (pretty obvious answer) but the two common things we would see the most with pro skateboarders is that some would be shredding on a wheel size of 54mm and other professional skateboarders would be on a 51mm skateboard wheel size. As always, it comes down to what style of skateboarding. Some wheels will be used for different purposes than others.

If you’re new to skateboarding, our biggest recommendation would be going to your local shop and browsing at all their wheel options. Ask if you can just ride around the store on some of the different boards. This is a great way to see all the different wheel sizes and shapes, so you’ll know what you actually want. If you feel stressed, don’t worry, we understand that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for skateboard wheels, whether in a skate shop or online.

There are many different skateboard wheels to choose from and most of the time a cool design or your favorite colored wheels aren’t the best place to start. Skateboard wheels are all made out of different material, have different colors and different sizes. 

Finding the best skateboarding wheels is all about understanding your skateboard style. Are you more of a vert skateboarder doing huge aerials, and spins needing the speed to get from one side of the half pipe to the other? Do you prefer street skateboarding and jumping down big stairs? Or do you just love to cruise and use your board as a means of transportation? As we always do, we are here to ensure you find the right equipment for your skateboarding experience. This article will go over the top 3 skateboard wheels and what type of skateboarding they are best for.

The skateboard wheels mentioned below are the 3 best skateboard wheels of the year, helping you improve your performance and ensuring you have a great time riding your skateboard. 

These are personal recommendations mixed with research, experience, and discussion from professionals. Don’t worry, we also have provided guidance on how to select these skateboard wheels, before you press the button that says buy. Be sure to check out our other articles which talk about selecting the best skateboard deck, and other skateboard equipment.

3 Best Skateboard Skateboard Wheels

[1] Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)

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Coming in at number one, we have one of the most well known and best skateboard brand when it comes to wheels. Let’s be honest, spitfire wheels are always a great choice and will always be one of our own personal favorite brands. Spitfire skateboard wheels are used widely among the skating community specializing in multiple styles of skateboarding.

Spitfire wheels are hand-poured and made in the United States of America using only the highest quality materials. If it is your first time using spitfire wheels, prepare to have your expectations blown away. These skateboard wheels are meant to last an extremely long time.  

Not only are they made to last longer, but they also come with a guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

Buying this specific set of spitfire wheels includes a set of 4 wheels that have 53mm diameter and 99a durometer. The 99a durometer in simplest terms means that the wheels are incredibly tough, do not have as much grip, but include more speed (The more durometer the more speed and less traction). Although these specific spitfire wheels do not have as much traction due to their tread and the durometer level, the width of the spitfire wheels will ensure stability even with increased speeds.

Pro tip about the 99a durometer on these spitfire skateboard wheels: The durometer on these wheels will create a perfect setup designed for skateparks and abandoned pools! These wheels make for great use for an intermediate or advanced skateboard experience level.

[2] Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

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Rat bones are incredible wheels for skateparks, cruising and looking cool meaning that these wheels are loved by different skateboarding styles across the board. Powell Peralta is known for its high-quality construction, traction and high speed stability. These soft wheels provide the best of both worlds for performing skateboard tricks as well as cruising. You will find people shredding bowls, at high speeds with these awesome skateboard wheels.

Designed with 90a durometer, these wheels are formulated with a wide profile which increases speed, and stability in high speeds. 

Not only are these skateboard wheels great for keeping stable in high speeds, these wheels are incredibly smooth and created to help you slide with ease. These low tread, high speed, soft wheels are your next step to having the most fun on a skateboard. 

[3] Bones Rogers Howl 103A Slims STF Skateboard Wheels – 52mm

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Bones Skateboard Wheels are an iconic brand and have partnered with some of the biggest skateboarders such as Tony Hawk. Bones are widely known for their incredibly long lasting bearings that provide increased speed and durability (one of the best skateboard bearings brands you can get). You will find many professional skateboarders using these skateboard wheels on their custom boards.

Bones integrates their old wheels known for rolling fast, gripping onto many different terrains and being able to slide wherever whenever with their new street tech formula. Due to the durability and power of these wheels they are designed to outperform and last longer than any other wheel competitor. Making these wheels some of the best you can get. 

These wheels are a great fit for anyone at an intermediate to advanced skateboarding level. With their hard nature, they are designed for skateparks, street skateboarding and simple transportation. Used among many different variables of skateboarders, Bones is one of the best products you can buy for your skateboard. 

Bonus Picks!

Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A

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Mini Logo Skateboard Wheels are easily the best bang for your buck. Not only do these wheels have awesome color choices, have great quality that’s meant to last, but also extremely affordable. We recommend the Mini Logo Skateboard Wheels for anyone really on a tight budget and needing a new set of wheels. 

Although these wheels are preferred for transitional skateboarding, these skateboard wheels can be used with most styles of skateboarding, including street skateboarding, and cruising. We wouldn’t recommend these wheels for vert skateboarding due to their extremely narrow body.The formula for these wheels contains high rebound along with enduring urethane which ultimately creates increased speed with great traction.

As mentioned these wheels are a great price and highly sought after by many professional street skateboarders. 

The narrow body on these wheels can make riding more difficult for those who are not advanced skateboarders. We’d recommend these wheels to skateboarders who are at an intermediate or advanced skill level. However, the treaded surfaces ensure better grip on smooth surfaces.

Pig Wheels Head Blue

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Covered in white polyurethane, Pig Wheels have always been one of the most stylish additions to a skateboard. Not only do Pig Wheels look super rad with their amazing pig logo and clean polyurethane finish, these wheels are near indestructible and provide for a great skateboarding experience. Pig wheels are super wide, which ensures a skateboarder can get the most stability even at fast speeds, incredible for bowls, pools, skatepark, or street skateboarding.

What makes these wheels so great is their range of 50mm – 60mm which creates a fun skateboarding experience for all types of skateboarders. The wheels have great speed, and traction due to the wheels having a surface that is grooved.  In addition to the versatile skate styles these wheels are tailored for, the cost of these skateboard wheels is very reasonable and not going to break the bank compared to other competitors.

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What are the best skateboard wheel brands?

  1. Spitfire
  2. Powell-Peralta
  3. Bones

In our opinion.

How much should skateboard wheels cost?

Skateboard wheels can vary significantly in price, but most professional and high quality wheels will be between $20 to $50. If you are searching for longboarding skateboarding wheels the prices will be steeper.

What type of wheels are best for cruising and longboarding?

Softer wheels are the best choice for cruising and longboarding to ensure you don’t trip easily over rocks and other debris.

What type of wheels are best for street skateboarding?

We recommend purchasing hard skateboard wheels as mentioned in this article.

What type of wheels are best for beginners?

The best skateboarding wheels for beginners are any wheels with medium durometer, Wheels within the medium range 88-95 create a smoother ride, the wheels grip better to more surfaces, provide longer distances, and absorb vibrations that can be caused from different terrains.

Where Can I Buy Skateboard Wheels?

You can buy skateboard wheels by clicking any of the links above, You can also go to any local skate shop as they will also carry a variety of skateboard wheels. Many major retailers such as zumiez or tilly’s also carry skateboard wheels as well.

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